CBSE Affiliation No.230169. Admission open from class I to IX (2018-2019)


Imparting over all competency beyond academic compliance our curriculum is oriented towards creating competent global citizens, rather than students who pass the grades with the relevant marks, naturally or orientation does not promote rote learning, but promotes comprehensive understanding of the subject in all its detail. Our curriculum is based on current international best practices with special emphasis on the way knowledge is imparted. The system is based on our LRPA guidelines that are structured around.

  • Learn.          Reinforce.          Practise.          Apply.         

We strengthen and reinforce the learning ability and the various aptitudes of the student so that they become ‘learners’ rather than a repository of the ‘learnt’. We encourage inherent strengths so that students become able to deal with the challenges that they will face in their future.

We apply the latest teaching methodologies and pedagogies which are incorporated to effectively deliver the curriculum and create an ideal environment for learning. The environment is stress free with continual appraisal based on observation, assessment and written assignments. For every subject, our teachers follow Lesson Plans.