CBSE Affiliation No.230169. Admission open from class I to IX (2018-2019)

Our Clubs

Art & Craft

Creating artifacts, learning aesthetics :
Arts and crafts add to one’s aesthetic sensibility and it is an important aspect of growing up. We offer Art and Craft classes where children are taught the ways and techniques of creating artifacts with different materials.

Literature Club

Learning from great authors, poets and thinkers :
The literature Club is a great place to learn of the great authors, read their work, understand different world views and stimulate the intellects. The Literature club inculcates love for the language, and provides an avenue for self-expression beyond the regular curriculum. It engages young readers with different genres of literature, authors and their works.

Mathematics Club

Nurturing mathematical talent :
Maths is a subject that has great practical as well as theoretical application. The MathS Club helps learn mathematical concepts in a fun manner, while relating them to life and understanding them at a deeper level.

Science Club

Sharpening scientific temper in the young :
Inculcating a scientific temper is an important aspect of education. The Science Club introduces students to scientific concepts, exposes them to modern technology and inculcates in them a love for science. It promotes scientific thinking, help them develop new ideas and enhance scientific awareness.

Nature Club

Our natural environment is an amazing and wonderful part of our lives. Sensitizing our young students to environment related issues, is also another purpose of the Club. It further aims at inculcating a sense of awareness, about the environment and how to improve it amongst the students, the parents and the general public.